A&E Trade Campaign

In order to demonstrate the importance of the everyday influencer we put them into stately portraits. They were Ambassadors of Brooklyn, of Cupcakes, of All Things Football.

A “coverflow” style slideshow features our everyday influencers elevated in the form of official portraiture. Upon clicking on an Ambassador, the frame expands and gives information on them and how they influence people. i.e. as a blogger, or Facebook

The portraits were hung in ad agencies where meetings were taking place to discuss A&E network media buys.

One of our everyday influencers met people in the lobby of ad and media agencies and gave out info.


There are ordinary people of great influence. When they talk others listen. They don’t derive their power from the United Nations. They wield their power from being an authority on everyday matters. Restaurants, music, TV shows. Things that are happening right now. That is their fiefdom and their passion. They are the everyday influencers. Twitter is their constituency, Facebook is their delegation. They don’t just observe, they advocate. When they like something they become active ambassadors who forward it. You can recognize them as proud sponsors of everyday drama. That are real, that are happening right now – on A&E.
Agency: Leroy Clarkson
Art Director: Serge Machial


Creative Director Writer


Trade Campaign