Lexus Print

A revelation in leather. A considered and considerate leather. A leather invitation that almost deserves an RSVP. A leather standard that even shiny things want to live up to. A leather that has gone where none has gone before. (Coach leather) This is a Lexus leather.

A knob like no other. A noble knob. A thoughtful, evolved, exquisitely engineered knob. A knob sensitive to its surroundings. A well-rounded knob that turns with elegance. Intelligence. Relevance. This is a Lexus knob.

A beatific light. A beaming, bending, revolution in light. A shimmering beacon. A most likable light. Illuminating beyond what the eye can see. A light made from insight. This is a Lexus light.


Branding campaign for line-up of new cars 2006. Details matter when you’re the car company that relentlessly pursues perfection.

Art Director: Stephanie Halverson




Team One